Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sun News Media to make a "Fox North" News Channel

Sun TV News will soon to be coming to cable/satellite TV channel.

That is all Sarnia needs now. It has the Sun Media owned Sarnia Observer right wing religious woo supporting rag and now they are going to be able to watch right wing religious crap with a Canadian accent! Unchallenged Canadian woo coming to TV soon. It is bad enough that the Sarnia Observer sensors non-theists and free thinkers from their web site. Mr. Jack thinks he is a gawd!

I thought Quebecers were more rational than the rest of Canada. Guess not for this company!

We need less WOO, not more.

Say NO to your Cable/Satellite TV supplier by not buying it. Let's hope it doesn't get bundled with the rest of the real news channels!

Vote on this pole from PZ Myers' blog posting

Let's get REAL people!

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