Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sarnia Police Services Rally - OPPOSITION

Posted in The Sarnia Observer:

A rally has been planned for residents who wish to demonstrate their support for keeping the Sarnia Police Service. The rally is scheduled for Monday at 1:45 p.m. at Sarnia city hall. City council is scheduled to examine the potential costs or savings of switching to the OPP on Monday.

There is a frensy of Sarnia PD support occurring at the last moments before the Monday council meeting including one of the city council members publicly announcing his dropping of support for the OPP costing.

All us OPP supporters are silent and I am sure we outnumber the Sarnia PD support here BUT we are in fear of speaking out publicly because the Sarnia PD is corrupt and we fear retaliation. It is analogous to being atheist or gay in this backwards right wing town of Sarnia. And I am sure that the right wing woo newspaper is also censoring OPP support and publishing all the Sarnia PD supported articles and letter to the editor submissions. Could it be that the removed commenting of the articles on their web site is related to the OPP contracting debate and not wanting the opposition to be shown?

Now the Sarnia Police Association - police union is getting into the act and attacking the city councilors who support the OPP. What next, giving them personal attention with traffic tickets for trivial crap, staring at them, slowing down in front of their homes and other intimidation tactics. Did they do something to Andy?

I would love to arrange a Pro OPP rally at the same time on Monday. Anyone for that? I thought so, we are all scared of the Sarnia PD. They will be in riot gear and stun us with their stun guns and then put us in jail for demonstrating against them.

Sarnians, You and I suck!

I praise the remaining 4 council memebers who are supporting the costing effort and hope someone else steps up and sees that the OPP is the better and more cost effective solution. The supporting council members are: Anne Marie Gillis, Terry Burrell, Bev MacDougall and Jon McEachran. Shame on Andy Bruziewicz email : for wasting all that money if he continues in his new direction before hearing all the information.

Yes, there is the orange to apples debate but that has to be weighed properly for all the benefits the OPP brings to us. It sure looks like Pt. Edward is doing well with the OPP and everyone around us.

Wake up Sarnia!

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