Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sarnia Police Services Rally - OPPOSITION

Posted in The Sarnia Observer:

A rally has been planned for residents who wish to demonstrate their support for keeping the Sarnia Police Service. The rally is scheduled for Monday at 1:45 p.m. at Sarnia city hall. City council is scheduled to examine the potential costs or savings of switching to the OPP on Monday.

There is a frensy of Sarnia PD support occurring at the last moments before the Monday council meeting including one of the city council members publicly announcing his dropping of support for the OPP costing.

All us OPP supporters are silent and I am sure we outnumber the Sarnia PD support here BUT we are in fear of speaking out publicly because the Sarnia PD is corrupt and we fear retaliation. It is analogous to being atheist or gay in this backwards right wing town of Sarnia. And I am sure that the right wing woo newspaper is also censoring OPP support and publishing all the Sarnia PD supported articles and letter to the editor submissions. Could it be that the removed commenting of the articles on their web site is related to the OPP contracting debate and not wanting the opposition to be shown?

Now the Sarnia Police Association - police union is getting into the act and attacking the city councilors who support the OPP. What next, giving them personal attention with traffic tickets for trivial crap, staring at them, slowing down in front of their homes and other intimidation tactics. Did they do something to Andy?

I would love to arrange a Pro OPP rally at the same time on Monday. Anyone for that? I thought so, we are all scared of the Sarnia PD. They will be in riot gear and stun us with their stun guns and then put us in jail for demonstrating against them.

Sarnians, You and I suck!

I praise the remaining 4 council memebers who are supporting the costing effort and hope someone else steps up and sees that the OPP is the better and more cost effective solution. The supporting council members are: Anne Marie Gillis, Terry Burrell, Bev MacDougall and Jon McEachran. Shame on Andy Bruziewicz email : for wasting all that money if he continues in his new direction before hearing all the information.

Yes, there is the orange to apples debate but that has to be weighed properly for all the benefits the OPP brings to us. It sure looks like Pt. Edward is doing well with the OPP and everyone around us.

Wake up Sarnia!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

email letter to Sarnia councillor Andy Bruziewicz concerning his premature decision on OPP costing

Response to the news release in the Observer.

email address of Sarnia councillor Andy Bruziewicz is and his publicly advertised work phone number is 519-332-2639.

You just wasted all that money by withdrawing your support for the costing exercise. Why don't you let it continue? What have you got to lose?

You now have lost my vote and hopefully you will not mind not being in council after November!

OPP is a much better force and option. There is significant savings in switching to them. I have seen the savings having lived in some of those areas that similar debates occurred and believe me, the savings are real! And all the "good" cops actually said it was the best choice after they became members of the OPP. Only the chief and inspectors who retired or were reassigned didn't like it since their extremely high paying cushy jobs are not needed locally.

Come on and wake up to reality. The Sarnia force will serve us better with all the OPP resources just with different logos/cars and badges on their uniforms. It is for the better to go with the OPP.

With the OPP, the bad cops will be quickly weeded out and dealt with.

Please re-evaluate your bad decision. If not, you will not be re-elected. Or is that what you want by this action?

Reality in Sarnia.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Atheist Blogroll

Reality in Sarnia Blog has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

Oh, so much to read and so little time!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Claimed Psychics are Harmful According to James Randi

A professed psychic who claims to be able to identify items used to commit crimes demonstrates this claim and fails.

From episode 1 of 'James Randi - Psychic Investigator' (1991)

Despite claims to the contrary, there are no known cases where information provided by a psychic has played a direct part in solving a crime (which is probably also why there are no official police psychics).

Despite apparently good intentions, psychics can actually hinder or harm a criminal investigation, tying up valuable time and resources of police investigators,spent in pursuing useless leads. This can potentially put lives at risk.

Maybe we can get claimed criminal psychic Robbie Thomas a.k.a. Robbie Poulton of Sarnia Ontario Canada to do a similar test. James Randi has a $1million prize waiting for you!

Stop Robbie Thomas

The team from Stop Robbie Thomas web site is now advertising in the Sarnia Classified and on Google ads! Plus they are getting air time on TV stations wherever Robbie goes. Here is the latest one. Not quite equal time but a good time! Don't forget to try and post a comment on there.

Great work team at Stop Robbie Thomas

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sun News Media to make a "Fox North" News Channel

Sun TV News will soon to be coming to cable/satellite TV channel.

That is all Sarnia needs now. It has the Sun Media owned Sarnia Observer right wing religious woo supporting rag and now they are going to be able to watch right wing religious crap with a Canadian accent! Unchallenged Canadian woo coming to TV soon. It is bad enough that the Sarnia Observer sensors non-theists and free thinkers from their web site. Mr. Jack thinks he is a gawd!

I thought Quebecers were more rational than the rest of Canada. Guess not for this company!

We need less WOO, not more.

Say NO to your Cable/Satellite TV supplier by not buying it. Let's hope it doesn't get bundled with the rest of the real news channels!

Vote on this pole from PZ Myers' blog posting

Let's get REAL people!