Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patrick Green returns back to ATHEISM

So Patrick Green is not a converted Christian anymore........

He is back to being an atheist!

Where is the news media now?????

Maybe I can do the same and get notoriety?

From The Friendly Atheist BLOG:


Patrick Greene Changes His Mind About Converting to Christianity

I don’t really want to post this. The guy has received far more publicity than he deserves. But, given the circumstances, I kinda feel obligated to…

I previously posted about how Patrick Greene had received donations to alleviate his poor vision from atheists and Christians, then told reporters he had been helped by Christians (and not atheists), then told reporters he had converted to Christianity.

Patrick Greene

Now, Greene says he has changed his mind. He’s not a Christian after all. He writes in an (unedited, verified) email:

I am sorry to tell you , that I announced that I had become a Christian much too soon. It was out of the entire hype that surrounded all the loving, kindness, compassion and warmth of my relationship with Jessica Crye and Rev. Graham. After reading all the messages and emails from dozens of people, I realized that, after 50 years of being an atheist, I cannot continue this. I have examined my conscience thoroughly over this past weekend. I cannot go on thinking and feeling that I have changed my heart and mind. I haven’t. It goes against everything I have spent my life accomplishing. Especially since I cannot change my attitude toward gay rights and abortion. I spent many hours looking at the sight for the gay baptists and realized my error. Thank you very much for all your help.

So he’s not a Christian after all. (Though I’m sure many will be quick to point out that you don’t have to change your mind about abortion/gay rights in order to become a Christian — you only have to accept Jesus.)

Now, let’s see if the places that were all too eager to report on his conversion follow up with this postscript. (Christian Post, I’m looking at you.)

Meanwhile, everyone else can stop taking him seriously, regardless of the message. I apologize about posting anything about him in the first place.

Article from Bob Ripley and some attacks from fellow local clergy

Here is the original article posted by Bob Ripley, a retired United Church minister who may be more than just retired.


When clergy have their fingers crossed

Bob Ripley

Of the traditional seven last words (or phrases) of Jesus from the cross, the one that always gets me is No. 4. The word of abandonment. It’s so bone-chilling that the gospellers wrote it in Jesus’ native tongue, Aramaic, followed by the Greek translation so that we’d know exactly what the agonizing words sounded like.

“Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani.” (My God, my God why have you forsaken me?)

Jesus used to talk of the tight relationship he had with the heavenly Father. The Bible suggests that if you saw one, you saw the other: “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (John 14:10). You don’t get any closer than that.

But on the cross, Jesus grasps for the opening words of Psalm 22 and gasps them when there is nothing he can hear but the sound of his own voice and for all he can tell there’s no God around to hear. Where is the deity who sees the sparrow fall and counts every hair on our head? Where was the affirming voice from heaven Jesus had heard at his baptism and again at his transfiguration?

How do you explain this cry of dereliction from the man of faith? It sounds like the cry of those who feel that no one is listening. God, where are you?

But it is disquieting to hear. Doubts haunt faith. Nobody in any church wants to learn that a person of God struggles with his or her belief in God.

After her death, Mother Teresa’s dark letters emerged. In 1979, for instance, she wrote to Rev. Michael van der Peet, “Jesus has a very special love for you. As for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great that I look and do not see, listen and do not hear.” She had wanted all her letters destroyed, but the Vatican ordered they be preserved as potential relics of a saint, warts and all.

Lately, I’ve been asked by two people if I think that there are clergy who have lost their faith but kept their silence and their job. No one knows, of course. There are no stats since closeted clergy can’t be counted.

But consider this scenario. If someone in religious authority has pondered the age and span of the cosmos, the elegant simplicity of evolution by natural selection, the violence and corruption in church history, the enigma of expiation for sin by blood sacrifice, the discrepancies in Scripture, the antagonisms and animosities derived from religious fervour, and decided that they can no longer promote the grand scheme of Christianity, what are their options? Stay and cross their fingers? Leave and do something else? What about the family and mortgage payments? It’s not an easy place.

There’s a fascinating essay in the journal Evolutionary Psychology titled “Preachers who are not Believers.” Scientist-philosopher Daniel Dennett and social worker Linda LaScola found five active clergy who were non-believers and who agreed to be interviewed in confidence.

Their frankness is bracing. As one says, “Anybody who goes through seminary and comes out believing in God hasn’t been paying attention.”

But having had a change of heart, why have these ministers stayed in the pulpit? For some, it was to work for social justice or simply help people. Some don’t want to rock the boat. And yes, some work for the paycheque. But they also struggle in a web of concealment trying to figure out how to preach a gospel they no longer believe or have redefined beyond recognition.

All five pastors were grateful for the chance to talk candidly about their refined unbelief with someone who would challenge and probe them without judging them.

With his 1996 novel “In the Beauty of the Lilies,” John Updike tells the story of the Wilmot family, which begins around 1910 when Clarence Wilmot, a Presbyterian minister, realizes he no longer believes in God. Theological books were “paper shields against the molten iron of natural truth.” His loss of faith was a palpable event and his life was shattered by his decision to renounce the pulpit.

His story is fictitious, but what should we say to the Clarences? You’re going to burn in hell? You should stay in the ministry and do good?

Are these clergy the tip of an iceberg? No one knows. But unlike a policy of don’t ask, don’t tell, wouldn’t it be better if we could ask anyone any question and hear any answer, however unsatisfactory or unsettling, without judgment or threat?

No one should have to fib for Jesus.

• Bob Ripley, a Chatham native, is a retired United Church minister. He can be contacted by e-mail at bob@bobripley.ca.

A response about faith to Bob Ripley

Sir: I am writing in response to Bob Ripley’s article: “When Clergy Have Their Fingers Crossed.” Certainly there is a place for doubt and struggle in the office of ministry. However, when someone in the pulpit has lost faith then it is time to find another career. Working for God and His people while holding the view there is no god is a profoundly cynical position. It is also disrespectful to one’s believing congregants. Faithless clergy persons are not as Ripley states it: “fibbing for Jesus;” but lying to line their pockets.

As a member of the Sarnia Evangelical Fellowship I am thankful that clergy persons in our community have a safe place to share joys and struggles, to pray, to encourage and be encouraged by one another. It seems to me the correct answer is not to cross one’s fingers, but rather to fold our hands and together pray for those who are in our pulpits, that the victory of Christ’s resurrection would be an endless source of renewed hope and faith.

Shalom/God’s peace

Richard T. Vander Vaart

Minister of the Word in Team Ministry at Living Hope, Christian Reformed Church


And a great comment response from the SARNIASKEPTIC

*Yawn*. I wish people would tell me which god they're talking about - I mean, I don't believe in any of the 2300+ that have been created by man so far, but, geez, at least tell me which one of the myths you bought.

As for clergy persons "lying to line their pockets", I think that applies to ALL clergy people. Many atheists in the pulpit long to "come out" but the costs (family, friends, financial) are substantial. Realizing that it is all lies is the easy part - rebuilding your life is the hard part. Others in the pulpit may simply see the utility of being a shepherd to a flock (and fleecing them).

It is sad, actually, that hundreds of years after the age of enlightenment, we are still talking about imaginary friends, bronze-aged myths and archaic superstitions.

Grow up.

Another Letter to the editor:


Dealing with doubts about Christianity

Sir: Bob Ripley’s article “When clergy have their fingers crossed” raises important questions about the role of doubt in the Christian faith. What’s missing is any mention of how Christianity itself understands doubt, and the resources we have for responding. The Bible has no harsh or intolerant word for the doubter and the skeptic. On the contrary, Jesus considered him a faithful confessor who said, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24).

In addition, the Bible and Christian tradition have long invited us to hold our doubts up to the light of the evidence. Jesus responded to the Easter doubts of the apostles with invitations to investigate (Luke 24:39, John 20:27). The apostles followed Jesus’ lead in their preaching, repeatedly welcoming the skeptics’ challenge with the audacious claim, “We are witnesses of these things” (Acts 2:32, 3:15, 5:32, 10:39). The Apostle Paul invited his skeptical church to stack their resurrection doubts against the sea of eyewitnesses (1 Cor. 15:3-8). And the Apostle Peter famously advised all Christians to be ready to give an answer (or defense) to everyone who asks us to give the reason (or evidence) for the hope that we have (1 Peter 3:15).

In response to Peter’s admonition, the church has engaged in the discipline of apologetics (i.e. defending the faith) from the very beginning of her existence. With great enthusiasm and gratitude, I dare consider that Christian apologetics has never been more fruitful or prolific than it is today. In terms of the sheer volume of apologetic resources available, the breadth of disciplines covered, and the quality of scholarship, 21st century Christians are a privileged lot.

As a hypothetical, Bob Ripley makes reference to some intellectual barriers that might shipwreck one’s faith. It’s worth noting that half of those barriers are immediately irrelevant to the truth of Christianity — the rest have substantive apologetic responses. If we listen uncritically to those voices who disbelieve Christianity, we’ll no doubt find our faith in crisis. But anyone willing to grapple with Christianity’s leading apologists will find a formidable foundation for bolstering faith and disarming common contentions.

Unlike the preacher Ripley cites in his article, I am convinced that thorough and open investigation into the truth of the Christian faith will bring greater conviction of the gospel and more integrity to the pulpit, not less.

Craig Hoekema

Minister of the Word in Team Ministry at Living Hope, Christian Reformed Church


And another great response from the SARNIASKEPTIC

Interesting that we have two shepherds who fleece the same flock reminding people that we should trust them and that if we really really looked into it, we'd be believers too.

It's the same old line - trust me, atheists are wrong, I've read their books, I've done the research - so you don't have to.

Craig is Christian because of a chance birth location. No matter what religion you belong too, you are part of a minority on earth. If we accepted the broad definition of "Christianity" (to be generous) and accepted that people who are claimed as "Christians" are actually Christians, more than 2/3 of the world's population are going to "hell" because they weren't born to Christian parents or in a Christian country.

The "sheer volume or apologetic resources" are repeats of the same crap that has been deconstructed and demolished by the evidence time and time again. There hasn't been a new argument for the existence of god (any god) in hundreds of years. The further that science goes, the greater the mental gymnastics required to continue to believe in a sky-fairy daddy.

The earth is more than 4 billion years old. (Since Christianity is only about 2000 years old, that means that for 99.99999% of earth's existence, god didn't give a crap about it.)
The universe is more than 14 billion years old.
There was no global flood. (But keep up believing that "god" won't destroy the earth and we'll soon be under water with global climate change)
The earth is not the center of the universe.
There was no Adam and Eve.
There was no census (created simply to explain the blood line of Joseph - who wasn't even the father of "Jesus").
There was no Jesus the miracle worker (though we do have more than a dozen of Jesus' foreskins (http://www.slate.com/articles/.... (or http://www.irazoo.com/InterestingTopics/holy-foreskin.aspx)
There was no resurrection.
The bible is not inerrant and it is full of forgeries.
Prayer doesn't work.

So what parts of the bible are true? I think the one that says something about building massive churches rather than helping the needy and poor. Or maybe the part that says we should be sending people to third world countries to preach to them and not to bring them something that might actually help them - like medicine.

It's time for Christians to read another book - one that is actually full of facts and evidence not made-up by man to control man (and, especially, woman). Expand your knowledge - the real world is more awesome than your myths ever will be.

Preachers are leaving their pulpits and becoming atheists!

Here is an article with lots of video that shows the evidence of them leaving. They know religion and gods are all lies. They are the experts after all!


Conversion, Pastors To Atheists

Post by Jim Neweman


Christian News sites are having a field day with Patrick Greene’s conversion to Christianity.

Patrick Greene was an outspoken atheist until recently, when the generosity of a few Christians caused him to reconsider his beliefs. He now says he is a Christian.

Why don’t we ever get mass publication of Christians converting to Atheists? Perhaps, the media, including the so called liberal media is so religiously accepting of religion as to make these stories excluded.

Where’s the big news on Jerry DeWitt, the man with a voice that could call to Mars, who left his church?


Better still his coming out talk at the AA convention.


What about Richard Haynes, who once led a 12,000 member megachurch and quit to start Atheist Nexus International?


What about Teresa MacBain and Michael Aus who both came out last month.


MSNBC had a blip on Aus:


Why don’t we hear how 1 in 6 Dutch clergy are atheists or agnostics?


Why are there no big news stories about the Clergy Project which supports pastors, ministers, and priests trying to leave their faith? My apologist brother-in-law seems fascinated, as a psychologist, with conversion stories to religion but never sends me stories of pastors leaving their fantasy-land mythologies. I find it more interesting how people seek the truth. That’s what is cool. That is what will allow humanity to go forward.

What about news from Recovering From Religion? Are we to believe the news is liberal. It’s just more crap reframing from the right.

What about Nate Phelps who had to basically disown his crazy father and leave at 18?

The following from the Reason Rally.

Francis Collins converts to religion because he sees a waterfall and he doesn’t know what to tell a dieing woman. How is that a life motivating force? Maybe he did want to join a group, but it’s a group where one can succeed materially. What about the courageous ones who leave success because the truth burns through the lies revealing greater ability to meaning?

Cheap and easy conversion stories are no match for the drama of those who leave with bravery.

Losing one’s religion can often mean losing one’s family, friends, community, and social network. This risk can be especially great for those still active in their religious communities: one often can’t open up to those who are closest to them for fear of misunderstanding, overreaction, and outright rejection.

We hear about some nut guy, Greene, in Henderson, Texas who had been raised religious, who then after an act of kindness and becoming blind discovers faith again. But, he claims, there is no connection between the charity and his new disability to his faith and he totally respects his atheist wife.

But, we don’t hear about these professional preachers who after long and successful careers, and sometimes years of difficulty, agony, and tenacious loyalty come to reason and see how their faith caused great harm.

Now riddled with guilt even, sadly, at having lied to their members, lied to the world, and lied to themselves they struggle to find peace and success in a secular future. No, we want some cheesy story about some prodigal religious nitwit returning to the fold because strangers gave him $400 and that proved humans are different than animals in some super special way.

Jonathon Haidt and Chris Mooney were patting themselves on the back on a recent, March 19, Point of Inquiry episode, where they gloat how the new theists are so wrong to spend any time disproving religious idiocy. That truth is just irrelevant in group activities. Haidt makes sociology as sacred, groups as churches, and ideology as religious. It’s all about being in the group or not. He’s backed off that conservatives have any than a bit elevated disgust ability but is full on that social people are more spiritual than material (bright boy individualists probably have Asperger’s)—that, in politics, people are driven more by group think than individual expression–isn’t that the point of politics, to reduce a plethora of views to an agreed consensus or at least majority to a law?

Hmmm, why bother then with truth? Oh yeah, I forgot, if I don’t check the oil in my car it seizes when it runs too low. Or, if I don’t get the evidence I might put the wrong person in prison. Or if I make meat for my vegetarian daughter she won’t eat it period. Regardless of biases and prejudices and the leveling and cascade effects of politics, Haidt is feeding into conservative frenzy by convincing moderates to not rock the boat too much because it might upset others and entrench rather than coalesce.

I understand peacekeeping and political alliance and even rhetoric towards agreement rather than position but at some point, and for liberals, it is already difficult position to activate. We must come together in a social group as strong as one put forth by conservatives or lose politically and absolutely. Whether for religious, spiritual, sociological, or material reasons, religious fundamentalist along with accommodationists, apologists, and moderates will take the rights of others away. They are willing to revoke long held bill of rights’ freedoms for their ideology, philosophy, religion, world view, or memmissue (collection of memes into ideological or functional group).

Groups are stronger. That is all that has been proven, The bigger the group, the more clout. The sad instantiation of power in numbers is the bottom line. Even a bill of rights, a long held constitution can be raped and pillaged by the power of people willing to assert their cause.

Attacking freedom through issues of body searches, sexual rights, and bodily rights is a terrifying, debilitating torture stripping people of the will to resist because they know they no longer even own themselves. The Supreme Court 5 should be fired. If that is extreme so be it.

Every time FOX news bullshits it should called. Every time Rick Warren pukes his brains out he should be called on it. Every time a gay politician denies gay rights they should be called on it Accepting lies and damned lies because we want to get along is a neopostmodern nightmare. Using ants, as EO Wilson does, to encourage mass communion to singularity is perspicacious in its effectiveness and dehumanizing in its rights to the individual body and independence of thought.

Jim Newman, bright and well

www.brightpride.com and www.frontiersofreason.com

Non-believing Preachers, Listen Up - Story from Ernest Perce

This is a reposting of Ernest Perce's story on why he became the most outspoken atheist in America that was published here http://www.atheists.org/non-believing-preachers-listen

It is too good a story to not be reposted so here it is.

If you are an Atheist who is currently preaching the Gospel in a church somewhere, or a closet Atheist, then this blog is for you. If you’re a charismatic minister then I’m going to read your mail and you will understand me in a way that the majority of the Atheists who read this blog will not. If you are not religious, you may find this personal story both tragic and/or moving. Some of you will hate me, but after reading this, most of you will understand exactly where my passion for our movement comes from. Please understand, whether you like me or not doesn't move me in any way at all. I have never lived my life for the acceptance factor or to win a popularity contest. For me, it has always been "balls to the wall, all in, or nothing at all." So with that said, here we go!

Most of the “preachers” I encounter are nowhere near as insane as I was when compared to the level of religious dogma I was living in. Christians often tell me I wasn't sincere, I didn’t really believe the bible, or I’m just pissed off that God didn’t give me whatever I wanted. However, I never once believed that God was going to or giving me anything at all since he gave me all he was going to give me when he raised me up and seated me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus 2,000 years ago when he rose Jesus and I together at the same time, Eph 2:6. In my interpretation of the bible, God did all he was ever going to do for mankind and it was up to me to speak those things that be not as though they were, Rom 4:17 and to use my citizenship of heaven occupy on earth till he comes. Luke 19:13. You however, will not let yourself get to the level of insanity that I was at if that were true.

I heard God audibly many times, and I became so bold that I would throw people out of wheel chairs. I would lay people down who had back injuries flat on their stomachs and run on their backs believing that I was carried along by the wind of God. I believed the Sun of Righteousness would arise with healing in his wings and carry me bringing instantaneous healing, Mal 4:2. For this was the demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power! (1Cor 2:4) And my language and message were not set forth in persuasive, enticing and plausible words of wisdom, but they were in demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power, proof by the Spirit and power of God that was operating in me and stirring the most holy emotions in the minds of my listeners and thus persuading them.

I believed I could raise the dead back to life and that I was endowed with supernatural power from on high. I was baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4). I had the dunamis or the dynamite power flowing through me, Acts 1:8. There was a radical evidence of the call of God on my life. God called me to be a prophet. Miracles and Wonders would flow through my life. I was called by God to raise the dead. So why wait? God would honor my faith, so twice I went to the local morgue to raise the dead. After all, that’s where the dead were. I had never seen a dead man in my life, yet Jesus spoke to me in “red” and said “go raise the dead, my boy, go raise the dead, (Matt10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, RAISE THE DEAD, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give) and the second time I arrived to raise the dead I had arrived only to cause a disturbance, and I was told by the authority if I ever returned with this nonsense I would be arrested for harassment.

Once, while eating dinner at a restaurant, God shouted at me to go close down the Palm Reading business that was right next door to the restaurant we were eating at. So, I abruptly left my lunch company to go into this business and bind the evil spirits up, take authority, limit their ability to perform and cripple the business financially. I walked in with the boldness of a lion (Prov 28:1 The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion) where the owner pulled a pistol on me screaming "we are of God you are of the devil!" I screamed back and jumped in front of my friend Thomas Smith and my brother Tom McLain (who I later buried in 2007 in Joplin, MO) and screamed in tongues and interpreted the tongue saying "I rebuke the spirit of death and bind the spirit of murder in Jesus name."

We ended up having prayer with her right there on the spot. Two weeks later the place shut down. I was a local hero in my church and in my town. Now, some 18 years later, there’s a taco business where the Palm Reader once “served Satan.” This only reinforced my delusion. Years later, I had learned that they were struggling financially that is why they closed. They wouldn't have killed me and it was only a pellet gun that they waved at us. Hell, it didn't even work at that. I found this out because we led the lady to the Lord and she became a Christian and never forgot my boldness and it was a testimony of the Lord’s kindness.

In my spirit I knew no man could kill me because God loved me so much I was going to fulfill his call on my life (Romans 8:38-39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.) Oh the days of Glory!

Trust me, you would have rode my coattails in demonstrations of the Holy Ghost and power, I could talk about the stories until your blue in the face. The sick were healed and the lame would leap and the children would speak in tongues. The owner of a very famous Mexican restaurant on the San Antonio River Walk, that is still in operation today, raised from his death bed after I laid hands on him and instructed him to wear a prayer cloth for 12 days that I anointed with my tears. I was a small time, but big time celebrity round that neck of the woods after he was restored to life. He introduced me to his daughter and wanted me to court her. "Brother Ernest is an anointed man of God." I had no reason to turn on the juice because I wasn't attracted to Sister Deborah. Thank goodness for the hospital or else Brother George would be dead and San Antonio might have one less awesome Mexican Restaurant.

You also would have road my coattails in manipulating the flock. I could raise money, I could bring in the sheaves, and I had a way with the women. I was that charismatic prophet that was an irresistible charmer to a female who loved a walking bible. After all, that's how I scored with the majority of the women I secretly courted and messed around with in the churches. Women were my weakness, but after all king David sinned with Bathsheba and he was a man after God’s own heart, and I had the blood of Jesus - a new covenant - and God was longsuffering. If any man sins he has an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous (1 john 2;1).

Yet, through it all, I believed what the bible said concerning me and my household, regardless of my circumstances or situations of the flesh. As for me and my household, we will serve the lord (Josh 24:15). I met Kelly and we hit it off in a very unique way and we ended up with a beautiful baby boy that we named Praise. Praise was a miracle baby. Kelly nearly died during pregnancy right in my arms. My friend, Pastor Clark Ortiz owner of a large cable company in Mexico, of Faith Pleases God Church sent the cavalry out to assist in her healing. God spoke to me in the rage of a storm, “I will raise her up and you will have a son, my Praise shall be continually upon your hearts.”

There was no weeping or sadness allowed in that hospital room, only faith. I kicked the family out of the hospital and cut off all communications with the family who were not in faith. Later, some 6 months Praise was born and I circumcised my child on the 8th day, after the manner of Jesus (Luke 2:21). As he grew up I knew he would be a prophet of God so I prepared this child for the ministry. Yet, it never worked as I planned.

As he grew I injured him through faith healing countless times. I caused him mental abuse again and again. He would say, “Dad, I can’t stop coughing.” To which I would fire back “Child, do not acknowledge your ailing body, Jesus healed you 2,000 years ago when he rose from the dead.” I steadfastly refused vaccinations, as there was no way I was going to put any plague near my child’s infant body. He grew older and it was time for day care, but they wouldn’t let him in since he wasn't vaccinated. I explained that I had a Religious Exemption and this sidestepped the vaccination requirements.

They allowed him in, but kept him in his own room all day. Since they had web cams I was able to monitor this and I filed complaints with the State’s Day Care Board of Licensing and brought media attention to the negligent religious abuse that Blue Bonnet Day Care committed for ostracizing my child in his own room. I ended up getting the school threatened by the state with the loss of their license and with $50,000 fines twice in a row for not allowing my unvaccinated child full access with other children in the school.

My state religious vaccine exemption was as good as a vaccinated child who had his shot records and even more so because God gave me this right as our state bowed to the bible (The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he will, Prov 21:1) I stood on scripture that (no plague shall come night thy dwelling, Psalm 91:10). Vaccines were a plague and his body is the dwelling of the Holy Ghost. I won, and because of the order given by the State and the threat of being fined 50k, they allowed him in.

There were many cases where I stood in faith and caused unnecessary sicknesses upon this child that his Pediatrician could have cured with a simple antibiotics or medicines. Fevers of 104.5 degrees, prolonged coughs, dehydration - the list is long. There were situations that I put him through that were not necessary. Seven years of hearing loss that was (and still is) a living hell because I believed God would heal his hearing. Thankfully, today he is going through therapy. However, I believed not the testimony of his own body, but I counted it to God for the sake of righteousness (Rom 4:19).

I “knew,” without question, that my child would be healed of his 60% deafness. How could God lie? I knew that by two immutable oaths it is impossible for God to lie and his promises to fail:

This was so that, by two unchangeable things [His promise and His oath] in which it is impossible for God ever to prove false or deceive us, we who have fled [to Him] for refuge might have mighty indwelling strength and strong encouragement to grasp and hold fast the hope appointed for us and set before us.- Hebrews 6:18

God told me,"Ernest, I will try your faith and when you have reached the point that I am satisfied, both you and Praise will serve me wholeheartedly the rest of your lives and I will honor you before men, you will share your testimony and speak of my goodness."

You see, I anointed him with oil and cast out the demons of deafness before his mother, before brother Dick Mills one of my mentors and dear friends (a well known man of God) and several of our closest friends. There were several of us bible-believing, name-it-and-claim it, blab-it-and-grab-it, confess-and-possess-it followers gathered to agree on my son Praise being healed. (Matt 18:19 I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father, which is in heaven).

The day we corporately prayed for a breakthrough, the glory of God came into the room. A cloud rolled into the room and several of us witnessed it. You couldn’t convince us otherwise. You could take a butter knife and cut out a slice of the glory of God. Today, I know what this is and I can explain the visual. Yet, I was called of God as a prophet and people believed I heard from the Lord. Because of this, Praise knew his daddy heard the Lord too.

But I made a beautiful child believe something was wrong with him. He believed he was filled with demons and he trusted his daddy. He looked up at daddy and asked, "Why don't I hear like others?” I would ask myself, “Why is God so good that he will heal others through me and not my own child?" This shakes a man to his core. Today, I look back and say, “I can’t believe this was only five years ago.”

I decided that I would dig into the word even deeper than I had ever dug in the prior thirteen years to find the answer to this question. I was on a search to find the verse that spoke to me about my son’s hearing loss. I was looking for that one nugget in the rock pile, the needle in the haystack - the one verse out of the 31,102 verses that spoke to me. I needed that Rhema word for my situation, the one word from God that would change my destiny, the breakthrough verse that would release the anointing that destroy the yoke of bondage (Isa 10:27). This would be tough because I already read the bible from start to finish every sixty days. Each morning I read my five chapters in the Old Testament, five in the New, five Psalms and one Proverb a day. This didn’t including my daily studies that I would do in the evening.

It was during this time that I was fasting and God said “I will shake you to your foundations” I thought “interesting.” The days went by and I found a contradiction in the bible that I couldn’t rectify. This bothered me. Where did Jesus go after John baptized him? Did he go the wedding in Cana or to the wilderness for forty days and nights? He couldn’t be at both places at once. (Mark 1:10–13 — After his baptism, Jesus went to the desert where he was tempted/ John 1:29 – 2:1 — After his baptism, Jesus went to Cana in Galilee to attend a wedding). This was a problem for me (2 Tim 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness). The breath of God is what made the bible infallible. It didn’t matter what the situations of life said, or what the evidence contrary showed. God said I believed it and that settled it!

So wait, a contradiction in the bible? It is not possible and if there was one, surely I could rectify the issue. I was after all, the “walking bible” who beat Jack Van Impe in a bible quote-off at a church after the service in Houston. This, however, was one that I couldn’t. I asked myself, “If that is a contradiction then why hadn’t I found others?” Then the light bulb came on, I had seen the contradictions, but I just made answers for the contradictions. They were “translation errors.” Or where they? Was this the shaking of my foundations?

That day was so clear to me. It was the crumbling of my faith. If there was one error in the bible, then not a single person could be healed, not a single prayer could be answered, more so, Jesus could not be the word and “kai theos en ho logos,” translated as “God was the word!” (John 1:1 In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God / John 1:14 and the word was made flesh). Everyone who had ever told me, “The stories in the bible were stolen and regurgitated” was right. The bible wasn't so inspired anymore and “Jesus wasn't the first man God, he wasn't the last.” Was it possible that Jesus never existed? If Jesus never existed then nor did God.

I sat in the back of the house on Oct 17th, 2007 at 7:41 pm in El Paso. I began to tear the Word apart and found contradiction after contradiction. I ran from one part of the house to the next screaming at the top of my lunges in mother’s house. “There are errors in the bible, do you know what this means?” I was visiting and she was really freaking out. I knew what this meant all in a moment. It meant that I could no longer stand on my Dake’s annotated bible during a crisis in life and shout at my mountain of a problem. For it was all a scam. Religion was a Ponzi scheme! There was no more power in Jesus name. You see for me, once I lost the foundation of word and I realized the word wasn't infallible, the religion of Christianity instantly crumbled away.

Within a day I was depressed and it lasted for two months straight. I didn't want to work. I just slept. I couldn't get over the fact that I wouldn't spend eternity in heaven with my spouse and children. We would not be singing praises before the lamb. I asked myself, “What in the hell is the purpose of living at all if we are just going to die and not exist?”

I thought about just killing myself because, after all, there is no God. But I longed for the next moment with my family. I was depressed and didn’t want to sleep because I thought, “What if I die tonight, how valuable is one more breath with my son?” Who will I to talk too during a real crisis? Where do I turn when I truly screw things up? Where do I turn when nothing makes sense? At least during these times I could turn to the Holy Ghost who would say, "Son, weep not, here am I." I could at least talk out loud to my then best friend, but there would be no more jumping up each morning saying "good morning holy spirit, here am I, your vessel."

Just to make sure God wasn't trying to deceive me, I would softly call out in desperation, "sweet Holy Spirit, it’s me, Ernie, the lover of your soul, answer me in Jesus name. You have to respond in the Name of Jesus!" But there was nothing, just quiet. Not even my own deluded voice, answering myself back saying, "Son, I am here." It was over. I knew then that it was all a scam. As with most people who find out that they have either bought a scam or have unintentionally sold a scam, I got very pissed off. I sure did.

I called Pastor Jim and told him what a sham he was. I called Pastor Bayless Conley and ripped him a new asshole because he destroyed my marriage. I was addicted to porn and also had a lot of sex with my spouse and according to Conley, porn was a sin and so was too much sex. What a douche! He never denied my money though!

After the depression and thoughts of suicide abated, the realization set in that this is it - this life is all there is. Short or long, great or terrible, healthy or sick, I’ve one life to live. What will I do with the short time I have left? Others that I sat under had to know it was a lie. So I picked up the phone and told my story and shocked the hell out of the people I called. All I found was scorn and ridicule from my former mentors, but not to my face or on the phone.

They thought I was mad at God for not healing my son, but I was mad that I spent years of my life believing a lie. I gave away expensive $2,000.00 watches just to see dumbass pastor Jim Harris melt the solid gold band on a 14 karat Seiko Presidential into a wedding ring, so he claimed. What happened is a jeweler gave him a ring and kept the watch. Jewelers aren’t dumb, pastors are! I gave away expensive suits, thousands of dollars in cash and I bought groceries for ministers. Then I realized I could have been a doctor or an attorney, but all I had was a worthless ordination.

I left preaching the word and the office of a prophet immediately. I had a mission to tell every person I met that the Gospel is a fairy tale. Faith healing is dangerous and child abuse. You didn’t want to be around me for my first year. I ripped through Knoxville, TN with fury. I was pissed with an anger that birthed “TheSaint’sRevenge.” I had offers to stay in the church and preach in the inclusion circles, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew the price to pay was my conscience. Sorry, I’m not afraid to do what is honest and right. My family would suffer financially, but at least my kids would look at me and say, “My daddy believed in what he did, he set an example for me to follow.”

I knew I could never preach another day in my life. I knew I could never tell another human that Jesus was Lord; I don't care how much of an offering I would receive. Damned right, I’d miss the groceries, the folks paying my bills, buying my gasoline, fixing my car, buying my family clothes and taking us out to nice restaurants. But I saw the effects and danger it caused in my life. I left for the sake of my children. I swore I would never harm my children again. Praise and Apple, my children, would be safe in my care the rest of their lives.

I had to tell the truth. I harmed too many innocent people, I destroyed too many marriages, used the Gospel to get offerings (I’m talking big bucks) and I harmed my loved ones. I preached healing so masterfully that I disabled my spouse up until one year ago. She bought the healing message hook, line and sinker. Arthritis attacked and ravaged her body and because of the doctrines I taught her, it set a precedent for her to believe this faith healing mess. She refused her medicines and became seriously disabled. She didn't believe in healing when I met her, but up until a year ago, she fought for the healing in Jesus name and quit taking her medicines and it again disabled her - all because I programmed the healing power of God in her way back then. We’ve got her back on track.

You might think I don’t understand where you’re coming from, non-believing Preacher. You may think I don’t comprehend that your children are older and that you must keep earning your paycheck. That you feel you cannot do anything else for a living but be a preacher. However, if you are a Minister who is a closeted atheist, look at your family and “to thine own self be true.” Just look at them and say, “I will never lie to you again.”

Will it be hard? Oh, you had best goddamned believe it will be. It might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Will people turn their backs on you? Faster than my old Pastor Jim Harris and Jimmy Swaggart would pick up a hooker on a dark street corner while no one was looking, except both were caught. Will your biblical degree be worthless among the atheists? You best believe it. Will your atheist group be an elitist group because they are educated and we aren't? You bet your damned life they very well may be. That is why I’m writing this, because I and a few others are paving the way.

Will you have to flip hamburgers to support your family? You might have too. It won’t be so bad. After all, didn’t we clean toilets in church before we were ever given the microphone to preach our first sermon? (We must be faithful in the small things before we can be entrusted in the large). At least you won’t be pimping the Gospel to people in a big Ponzi scheme.

Your local atheist group might even kick you out of their group and say, "You have no substance and you are toxic to the movement.” In fact, I’ve been told, “TheSaint’sRevenge has no shtick here." But, what the hell do they know? The only knowledge of religion they have is behind a nuevo atheist book and this gives them the right to run a group? But don’t worry about them. Odds are they’ll get bored and move on. Stay focused on the big picture.

There is however, a place in our movement for you to shout on the mountain tops “Come out of the closet, it’s a lie!” You will be a voice crying in the wilderness. Many of the atheists will turn their backs on you because they will not comprehend your passion. That’s OK, because if you preached for long enough, then you are used to that already! Remember when God gave you a controversial message and people left the church? It really isn’t that big of a deal after all. At least for once in your life you’ll tell the truth.

Listen to me closely as I speak from experience, I’ve gone through every situation I’ve listed above. I’ve pimped the pimps, I’ve played the players, and I’ve mastered the faith healing game. I’ve shared it with large groups and I’ve one-at-a-timed it. I’ve preached to the masses and preached to the animals (Psalm 150:6 let everything that hath breath praise the lord). I’ve even preached to the rocks (if they keep quiet the very rocks will cry out Luke 19:40).

I tell you today that if you do not come out the closet sooner than later you will reap the crops of your deceit far into the future (Gal 6:7). So it is better to come out now than later. Come out and be free and we will respect you for this action alone! Come out and you will find healing here. You will find a place somewhere in our movement where you can fit in. We may not have our act completely together and some of the local groups might be high and mighty, but we are still in our birthing stage and there is still room for the five-fold atheists.

I’ll be waiting to meet you. I’m not an elitist, nor am I in this as a popularity contest. As a matter of fact, I’m one of the most hated Atheists in the country, but I know I have a place. I’m in this for you. I’m in this for every child who has been abused by a faith healer. Come out of the closet. I won’t judge you. We will laugh, we’ll joke and we’ll talk about the good old days together. More importantly we’ll talk about the plans, purposes and pursuits of your new part to play in the movement. I am telling you that Ministry and life will start today. Our people can be beautiful, they can be inviting and many will invite you with open arms and countless religious people will find a level or respect for you that you can’t imagine.

I also want to talk to you about someone very special. She is the mother of our movement and she will change so many aspects about your life. This is what will make us different from all the other Atheists in the movement. So pardon me if while we talk a few tears well up in my eyes and I begin to shout with excitement and that old prophetic fire flickers from within as I tell you about the greatest evangelist ever to walk the earth. She’s my mentor and my teacher. When you see a video of her speaking, she will shake you to your core. She will be talking to you and you alone. She was the voice who was left crying in the wilderness and she paved the way for American Atheists, Inc. She’s Madalyn Murray O’Hair. She started a great work and it is up to us to complete that work. Now, my new friend, I have given you so much in this letter and I ask you what will you do next? You are reading this for such a time as this. Your new life and ministry are waiting for you. When you step forward you will see that ministry has just begun for you. Freely you have received; it is time for you to freely give. In the name of Atheism go forth and watch the nations say, “these former preachers that have turned the world upside down have come hither also!

I remain, TheSaint'sRevenge

Rev. Ernest Perce V

American Atheists, Pennsylvania State Director