Tuesday, June 22, 2010

email letter to Sarnia councillor Andy Bruziewicz concerning his premature decision on OPP costing

Response to the news release in the Observer.

email address of Sarnia councillor Andy Bruziewicz is andybruziewicz@hotmail.com and his publicly advertised work phone number is 519-332-2639.

You just wasted all that money by withdrawing your support for the costing exercise. Why don't you let it continue? What have you got to lose?

You now have lost my vote and hopefully you will not mind not being in council after November!

OPP is a much better force and option. There is significant savings in switching to them. I have seen the savings having lived in some of those areas that similar debates occurred and believe me, the savings are real! And all the "good" cops actually said it was the best choice after they became members of the OPP. Only the chief and inspectors who retired or were reassigned didn't like it since their extremely high paying cushy jobs are not needed locally.

Come on and wake up to reality. The Sarnia force will serve us better with all the OPP resources just with different logos/cars and badges on their uniforms. It is for the better to go with the OPP.

With the OPP, the bad cops will be quickly weeded out and dealt with.

Please re-evaluate your bad decision. If not, you will not be re-elected. Or is that what you want by this action?

Reality in Sarnia.


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