Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Religious signs on PUBLIC PROPERTY

I came across this sign, "Keep Christ in Christmas" placed on City of Sarnia owned land beside the roadway.

I quickly removed it and disposed of it.

If christ ever existed and there is no evidence that he ever did, he wasn't born anytime near December 25! The christians took over the solstice holiday and the supposed birth day of the mythical Pagan god Mithra.

Let's not put the christ back into this time of year because it never belonged there in the first place.

December 25 is Krismas, the holiday that celebrates the myth of Kris Kringle, AKA Santa Claus.

So if you spot anymore of these signs on public property, do what is right and remove them.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Help Find Molly Facebook page goes to Woo Woo Update

The woo woo in Sarnia is just amazing.

They have talked to the pet psychic again and they are on a witch hunt. Perfect timing since it is Halloween.

This comment from Elyse Paige Allison is really disturbing - Call the police because you think you found a house that a pet psychic made up! Give your head a shake!

Elyse Paige Allison Once you think u know what house it is you should call the police cause if you try to get molly out of the house and back home again the people might try to get her back or they might not let you take molly home so if you have the police with you it might be easier to get her home you know what I am saying? But you have to find out which house it is first and I believe in Pshicks I have watched many shows with them in it and I believe every bit of detail! Molly Come Home or run away from these people and go Home where YOU BELONG WITH YOUR FAMILY!

Here is the full post thread......

Jo-anne McAlpine
I was informed by a dedicated Molly searcher that she had been in contact with a Pychic. Here is what she was told.
Molly is living with an older couple in their sixties. The man has grey hair styled like Elvis. He may have mental issues. He says Molly is just like his old dog and has become attached to her.They are aware that we are looking for Molly but are not going to give her up. The man walks Molly everynight between 11:00 and 12:00 PM so he may not be spotted. Someone has already talked to this couple about Molly and they said they no nothing about her.
He believes they live in an older home near the old hospital on Mitton. The 2 story house is cream colour on top and brick on bottom with brown trim. It has a small detached garage in back. The home is run down. The couple have cats. They also have a very loud bird like a parrot.
The Pychic is going to try to come up with a number like an address or plate number and will let us know.
Never to sure what to make of these readings. I do believe that our best bet for getting Molly back is going to homes in all areas and giving out posters. Eventually we will hit the right house on the right street and the right person who will know something about my Molly.
Let me know if you ever need posters.
Thanks to everyone for the great job you have been doing.
Yesterday at 7:06pm

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Tracy-Lee Lucchesi wow Jo-anne
Yesterday at 7:10pm
Tracy-Lee Lucchesi thank god she is micro chiped
Yesterday at 7:10pm · 3 people
Kari Babz whoo whoo there is still hope lets find her!!
Yesterday at 7:11pm · 1 person
Barb Pazdziora Wow!!! Am going out 2nite finally but starting tomorrow I can keep an eye out every day and night and guess will have to go out at that time. I live very close to the old hospital so it sounds like its closer to Mitton than Russel or East right? Thank God she is micro chipped. Canb't wait till u get her back.
Yesterday at 7:52pm · 1 person
Barb Pazdziora Am I just looking on Mitton and Essex or other streets as well?
Yesterday at 7:53pm
Stephanie Taylor OMG we are going to find her!!!
23 hours ago · 1 person
Miranda Michelle Sauve Mitton and George = Old Hospital
23 hours ago · 1 person
Stephanie Taylor or mitton and essex
23 hours ago · 1 person
Marg Britton MMM Mitton Village not far from me,I do believe in these people if you have the right one,I do believe we will find your baby its just a matter of time she will b home again like I said I believe in miracles hang in there
23 hours ago · 1 person
Theresa Sylvestre Oh I'm such a believer!! We will find her!!!
23 hours ago · 1 person
Stephanie Taylor At least by this person saying someone has her we know she is ok and not out in the rain and cold!! We will get her home soon Jo-anne McAlpine
23 hours ago · 2 people
Marg Britton some run down houses on bright street west of mitton was down there this morning
23 hours ago
Marg Britton dam wish I didn,t hhave to work tonight
22 hours ago
Marg Britton also bright,cromwell west of mitton is dark,down by the old lochiel street school where they have the dances for the kids
22 hours ago
Krystin Graves No giving up happening anytime soon...sounds like as good a lead as any others to me! I am stuck at home with 7 boys for a b-day party but will be out cruising between 11 & 12 tomorow night hopefully.
22 hours ago · 2 people
DustinandBritney McDonald Cromwell is dark too. I'll keep an eye out tonight, unfortunatly that is the best I can do until tomorrow night.
22 hours ago via mobile
Marg Britton odd brit i was down bright thismorning i saw alot of run down houses there
22 hours ago
Marg Britton west of mitton
22 hours ago
Marg Britton and 2 cats sitting on a large cable box in front of this big house
22 hours ago · 2 people
Tracy-Lee Lucchesi if anyone sees this dog do not aproch it, instead watch where they go and call jo-anne to identify it...she is the only one that will know if its Molly and we do not want this person to be afraid and not take Molly for walks anymore, or they may even hide her!!!!
21 hours ago · 6 people
Lynn Skerritt I work Monday to Friday 4 to midnight. After work each night I have been driving around the Rayburne Maxwell area. I will switch to the area around the old hospital. Hopefully I will see him out walking Molly.
21 hours ago · 2 people
DustinandBritney McDonald Tried a Google Street view. Found a house towards the end of Bright Street, near Forsyth N that matches the description. I couldn't pull up an address though.
20 hours ago via mobile
Kari Babz Maybe someone else should also go to a psychic and see if they come up with the same information...perhaps a psycic that is not in this town and would have no exposure to molly or her story. it wouldnt hurt
20 hours ago · 2 people
Joy Brownson Abram I live on Bright Street - 2 houses up from the Lochiel Kiwanis Centre. I have not seen Molly ever. I don't believe she is on this street - certainly not in my block between Mitton and Forsyth. Not trying to be negative, just don't want to perpetuate a search in an area I don't believe Molly is.
19 hours ago
Lucy Chiasson We have no plans today so today is spent on finding Molly. I'm so fortunate to have a husband that helps me search for her.
14 hours ago · 3 people
Kelsey Zuk i swear i saw her on george street!!! The woman walking her was in her sixties in a teal sweater with the dog walking behind her off leash. it was RIGHT by the old hospital.
11 hours ago · 2 people
Teri Lowrie Shively It was said a mental disorder could be involved...we should give people the benefit of the doubt until we have all the facts.
11 hours ago via mobile · 4 people
Marg Britton But would Molly walk off leash with someone
9 hours ago
Stephanie Taylor probably not..
9 hours ago
Elyse Paige Allison Once you think u know what house it is you should call the police cause if you try to get molly out of the house and back home again the people might try to get her back or they might not let you take molly home so if you have the police with you it might be easier to get her home you know what I am saying? But you have to find out which house it is first and I believe in Pshicks I have watched many shows with them in it and I believe every bit of detail! Molly Come Home or run away from these people and go Home where YOU BELONG WITH YOUR FAMILY!
6 hours ago
Tracy-Lee Lucchesi it wierd the house i went to on Hilary few weeks ago that guy was in his 60s but wasnt near hospital, but he did have Elvis style hair and grey. he said his dog looked like Molly, but wasa male dog, NOTE dog was out with his wife when i got there
3 hours ago · 2 people
Tracy-Lee Lucchesi and neighbors said they just moved in there
3 hours ago
Krystin Graves hmmmm kinda makes you wonder for sure!
3 hours ago · 2 people
Lucy Chiasson That would be one to keep an eye on
44 minutes ago

Friday, September 30, 2011

Help Find Molly Facebook page goes to Woo Woo

The desperation of those looking for Molly, the missing dog in Sarnia that escaped from a groomer, has just gone to the dark side. One of them posted that they have asked an "Animal Communicator" for help. This is another name for a pet psychic!

Jo-anne McAlpine
DESPARATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPARATE MATTERS!!!! One of Molly's volunteer searchers contacted an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. Her responce to Molly's disapearance was as follows. Molly is still alive. She wants desparately to come home, but is frozen with fear. She feels Molly is not far away and is in an area with woods nearby. She could see a house in sight, and she felt Molly was in or near something wood, like a shed or under a deck. She would let us know if she comes up with any more information.
I'm not a great believer in this myself but I am willing to try anything at this point. I felt I should share this with everyone.
I do know the horrible fear that Molly is feeling right now is true and it is crippling to me. I know how badly she wants me to find her and soon. I just wish I had more ideas. The weather outside today is making me physically nausiated. Can't stop crying today.
People, this is a cold reading! There is no such thing as a psychic or pet psychic. Just ask the local self proclaimed "psychic", Robbie Thomas who hasn't solved any crimes in almost 20 years!

Now other people are suggesting people look in areas they think match this vague cold reading.
Reading the animal communicators suggestion reminds me of the area in Canatara where the staff keep all their equipment. They have a covered area along their fence where I often see stray kittens. The workers often put food there as well for the strays. It's located along the path on the
Pt. Edward side. Praying for your little Molly's safe return.
You can follow the woo on this facebook page:

Help Find Molly

Only real searches by real people and real sightings will find this little dog. I too hope she is found!

Only real sightings should be reported with where and when so people can see which areas to look at and to see if she has found a territory she stays in.


The woo woo continues!
Kassy McAlpine
Kinda weird vibe tonight maybe coincidence?? The first dog communicator we called from Brigden said she couldn't help us right now because he mom just died and she didn't have the energy because she was grieving but she could tell us that Molly was alive and she was near a wooded area but there was a white house in sight but it was not approachable so we thought great we had no idea she didn't know the area. So we phoned a differnent animal communicator and she lead us to the rayburne, copeland, Alexander area and there is a white abandoned house with a very large wooded area behind it! Kinda creepy! Hopefully Molly is in this area. Also last week someone mentioned there was some garbage into on copland.

Julie Bingham I talked to Mary the physic on East street. I asked her if she felt anything and she stated that she thinks someone has her. There is a shed at the back of that house, the door is slightly open and that house is up for sale by owner. I knocked on the door and Jen called that house with no answer. I keeping the faith that this week will lead to something. Julie hopelessly waiting.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Blasphemy Day - September 30

Happy Blasphemy Day everyone. God Damnit there is no fracken gods ever!

September 30 is the anniversary day of the printing of the Mohammad cartoons in the Danish newspaper.

Here are the cartoons.

ISLAM is a religion of war and hate. Fuck Mohammad. Mohammad is a pig.

Watch the burning of their stupid holy book.

Burn all the bullshit religious bibles

Friday, April 1, 2011

Local Woo Woo in Forest

Have you got 6 hours and $3.00 to waste to have a good laugh? If so, you may want to go to the Health and Wellness Fair In Forest Ontario on April 9, 2011. Bring a camera and document some of the woo woo to post on line or enjoy the laughter again later. Or show it to your friends for a good laugh together.

I wonder if there is going to be a live show for the "Custom Bra's"?