Friday, May 28, 2010

Opus Dei on Parliment Hill - WTF?

I applaud Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc for standing up for Canada and a religion free government.

"Opus Dei gives me the creeps" says MP Pat Martin and I agree. Father Fred Dolan sure looks creepy to me on his interview on CBC News, Power & Politics today at 6pm.

"Apolitical conferences" on "purely spiritual grounds" should not be held on Parliament Hill. The Conservative Government is starting to show its religious convictions and policies. Having religious organizations influence government policy is WRONG.

On the show, Ezra Levant, Conservative blogger says Duceppe is a bigot for commenting on this group's involvement and says what would he say if it was Jews or Sheiks?

Let's get rid of all religion in politics and its influence. DO NOT vote for the religious right wing group called the Conservatives! Vote Green or Pirates! I know I will be.......

Lets get real people!