Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Religious signs on PUBLIC PROPERTY

I came across this sign, "Keep Christ in Christmas" placed on City of Sarnia owned land beside the roadway.

I quickly removed it and disposed of it.

If christ ever existed and there is no evidence that he ever did, he wasn't born anytime near December 25! The christians took over the solstice holiday and the supposed birth day of the mythical Pagan god Mithra.

Let's not put the christ back into this time of year because it never belonged there in the first place.

December 25 is Krismas, the holiday that celebrates the myth of Kris Kringle, AKA Santa Claus.

So if you spot anymore of these signs on public property, do what is right and remove them.


  1. You may be interested/amused/outraged by this

  2. That is normal actions for those fuddy christians. Vandalizing secular signs goes on all over the world.

    They can post their own signs on private property but don't do it on public property.

  3. Just found this site, glad there are a few atheists in sarnia besides my girlfriend and I. :)

  4. Yes Beathil, there are atheists in Sarnia but we are well hidden...... Only a few are willing to post on the web without anonymity though. Unfortunately, I don't blog too often.

    The web is full of resources for us if you weren't aware of it.