Friday, September 30, 2011

Help Find Molly Facebook page goes to Woo Woo

The desperation of those looking for Molly, the missing dog in Sarnia that escaped from a groomer, has just gone to the dark side. One of them posted that they have asked an "Animal Communicator" for help. This is another name for a pet psychic!

Jo-anne McAlpine
DESPARATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPARATE MATTERS!!!! One of Molly's volunteer searchers contacted an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. Her responce to Molly's disapearance was as follows. Molly is still alive. She wants desparately to come home, but is frozen with fear. She feels Molly is not far away and is in an area with woods nearby. She could see a house in sight, and she felt Molly was in or near something wood, like a shed or under a deck. She would let us know if she comes up with any more information.
I'm not a great believer in this myself but I am willing to try anything at this point. I felt I should share this with everyone.
I do know the horrible fear that Molly is feeling right now is true and it is crippling to me. I know how badly she wants me to find her and soon. I just wish I had more ideas. The weather outside today is making me physically nausiated. Can't stop crying today.
People, this is a cold reading! There is no such thing as a psychic or pet psychic. Just ask the local self proclaimed "psychic", Robbie Thomas who hasn't solved any crimes in almost 20 years!

Now other people are suggesting people look in areas they think match this vague cold reading.
Reading the animal communicators suggestion reminds me of the area in Canatara where the staff keep all their equipment. They have a covered area along their fence where I often see stray kittens. The workers often put food there as well for the strays. It's located along the path on the
Pt. Edward side. Praying for your little Molly's safe return.
You can follow the woo on this facebook page:

Help Find Molly

Only real searches by real people and real sightings will find this little dog. I too hope she is found!

Only real sightings should be reported with where and when so people can see which areas to look at and to see if she has found a territory she stays in.


The woo woo continues!
Kassy McAlpine
Kinda weird vibe tonight maybe coincidence?? The first dog communicator we called from Brigden said she couldn't help us right now because he mom just died and she didn't have the energy because she was grieving but she could tell us that Molly was alive and she was near a wooded area but there was a white house in sight but it was not approachable so we thought great we had no idea she didn't know the area. So we phoned a differnent animal communicator and she lead us to the rayburne, copeland, Alexander area and there is a white abandoned house with a very large wooded area behind it! Kinda creepy! Hopefully Molly is in this area. Also last week someone mentioned there was some garbage into on copland.

Julie Bingham I talked to Mary the physic on East street. I asked her if she felt anything and she stated that she thinks someone has her. There is a shed at the back of that house, the door is slightly open and that house is up for sale by owner. I knocked on the door and Jen called that house with no answer. I keeping the faith that this week will lead to something. Julie hopelessly waiting.


  1. Do you really have nothing better to do, or blog about?

  2. Whatever method the family, or friends of the family choose to take to find Molly is entirely up to them. What I personally believe doesn't change the fact that there is a family out there that desperately misses their dog. I have followed the group "Help Find Molly" and it warms my heart to see such devoted people... and most of them don't even know the family. They are a community concerned about one thing, and one thing only. Finding Molly.... I am reading this thinking what a great community I live in... where people selflessly devote hours, days, weeks of their time for a stranger. And then I stumble across a blog from you, someone who goes to that same page making headlines and takes quotes from people, including their names and posts it on their blog? Why? How does this affect you? So I ask you... do you really have no better "reality" in Sarnia to blog on, instead of trying to deflate the optimism of a group meant to bring good. You should be ashamed of yourself...

  3. LOL, the blog is about reality and "psychics" are not real so yes, it is fair game to laugh at the woo woo being spread!

  4. if psychics exist, why is Molly still missing? The question isn't whether the family has the right to use whatever they wish to help find their dog, it is whether or not our society should tolerate and accept swindlers and liars as they blatantly abuse people - especially when they are vulnerable.

  5. The psychic told you where Molly is, so why haven't you found her yet ? Seems alot of people in Sarnia are being accused of stealing Molly because their dog just happens to look like her...

  6. Poor Brad Stevenson (, he posted this on the Help find Molly page:
    "Psychics are not real. At best, these visions could be vague coincidences...or worse, a complete waste of everyone's energy looking in the wrong area. Not to mention any old folks who may be falsely accused or harassed. facts, ma'am, just the facts. Good luck!!"

    And he got blasted by the same women that blasted poor Real Black. Good thing Brad didn't reply to their support of woo woo. Why is it women are so gullible to being had by those frauds?

    Good for you Brad for speaking out against woo woo.

  7. Several people that have gone the Help Molly Site have been blasted for having an opinion. It would seem that the (frequent) women on the site have all banned together and now anyone who has an opinion is confronted by snarky remarks and ganged up on. I was condemmed for suggesting turning to prayer instead of psychic powers, what a mistake that was !! Maybe if some of them had prayed they would of found Molly by now. But as they put it - They have the right to use what-ever method they choose - so I say Good Luck People, hope it works for you. I am not sure God is going to help you anyway after turning to another power..

  8. LOL

    Sorry for informing you Anonymous, but praying to an imaginary sky daddy will do the same as listening to "psychics".

    If you haven't heard, there are no god(s), never have been and never will be. We have evolved to our present appearance and we are still evolving. Evolution is a fact today just like Gravity.

  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, and I am all for that. But on a sad note Molly was found dead hit by a car tonight. My thoughts and prayers go to the family at this time. RIP Molly

  10. Sorry to hear that she was found dead. She was found last night but was likely killed shortly after being lost. All those psychic predictions and sightings were wrong. Most dogs are not road and highway smart so it is the most likely outcome and since people are not permitted to walk along 402, only a highway construction worker would find the roadkill along there.

    Shit happens all the time. There are no gods to stop this. There has never been any evidence that a god has ever intervened in any events on this planet or universe.

    Religion and god(s) is man made (made-up).

    Again, sorry that she was found that way. Just demonstrates again that those "psychics" are frauds.

    Being Reality in Sarnia still.