Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patrick Green returns back to ATHEISM

So Patrick Green is not a converted Christian anymore........

He is back to being an atheist!

Where is the news media now?????

Maybe I can do the same and get notoriety?

From The Friendly Atheist BLOG:


Patrick Greene Changes His Mind About Converting to Christianity

I don’t really want to post this. The guy has received far more publicity than he deserves. But, given the circumstances, I kinda feel obligated to…

I previously posted about how Patrick Greene had received donations to alleviate his poor vision from atheists and Christians, then told reporters he had been helped by Christians (and not atheists), then told reporters he had converted to Christianity.

Patrick Greene

Now, Greene says he has changed his mind. He’s not a Christian after all. He writes in an (unedited, verified) email:

I am sorry to tell you , that I announced that I had become a Christian much too soon. It was out of the entire hype that surrounded all the loving, kindness, compassion and warmth of my relationship with Jessica Crye and Rev. Graham. After reading all the messages and emails from dozens of people, I realized that, after 50 years of being an atheist, I cannot continue this. I have examined my conscience thoroughly over this past weekend. I cannot go on thinking and feeling that I have changed my heart and mind. I haven’t. It goes against everything I have spent my life accomplishing. Especially since I cannot change my attitude toward gay rights and abortion. I spent many hours looking at the sight for the gay baptists and realized my error. Thank you very much for all your help.

So he’s not a Christian after all. (Though I’m sure many will be quick to point out that you don’t have to change your mind about abortion/gay rights in order to become a Christian — you only have to accept Jesus.)

Now, let’s see if the places that were all too eager to report on his conversion follow up with this postscript. (Christian Post, I’m looking at you.)

Meanwhile, everyone else can stop taking him seriously, regardless of the message. I apologize about posting anything about him in the first place.


  1. He is an attention seeking lunatic. He is going to try and sue the pastor of the church that helped him out because they "prayed' for his wife. He needs to get a life and let people alone. Maybe if he wasnt suing everyone all the time, he might have a little more money and not need donations. You cant even talk to this guy without him starting an argument about abortion or homosexuality. I sent him money. now I want it back so we can use it for truly needy people.

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