Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Delusional Letter to the Editor

It just doesn't stop!

Here is another Letter to the Editor in the Sarnia Observer from another delusional reader:


By Brenda Mason

Posted 17 hours ago

I am throughly disgusted with the news media Thank God That OPP was out of his car helping others.What has happened to the news how, what, where, and why?When I went to school that's what we where taught not making up stuff to sell more news.When I seen the car ripped in half or we didn't even know it was a car MY heart was breathing hard and heavy hoping the person or persons where ok.If you are not on seine you shouldn't make up things.Just get the facts and report the news the way it should be!!!!!! Not even going to say thanks because that was not reported the news the way it should be.To the officer THANKYOU for what you did and Thank God you where not in that car.

It is quite obvious this person is not very intelligent by the large number of grammar and spelling errors made and therefore more susceptible to believing in an imaginary sky daddy to thank for the OPP officer's skill of assistance and luck they were out of the car.

The real problem is still the religious conservative sun news media owned Sarnia Observer that can publish such trash that gets submitted to them.

Personally, I would be totally embarrassed with the total destruction of the English language Ms Brenda Mason!

PS, there is no god so thanking something that doesn't exist is useless!

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